Striped, Strapless No-Sew T-Shirt, DIY.

I have been trying to come up with new, no sew T- shirts in different styles, and while I was experimenting on a no sew skirt this weekend,  I came up with this cute no sew strapless shirt. 
I used Tulip Neon Fabric Sprays to help me create a beautiful stripped pattern. 
You could wear this with your favorite jeans, shorts or even use it  as a beach cover up. 
The best part is there is no sewing involved.

What you need:
– T-Shirt (I used a XL mens Tee)
– Scissors
– Tape
– Tulip Fabric Spray Paint
–Garbage bag
 Fold your shirt in half and use your tape to tape across your shirt
 use your scissors to cut right above the tape,
this tape helps me cut a straight line.
 Cut open where your sleeves are,
along the seams on both sleeves.
I love These Tulip Fabric spays and they are so easy to use.
 Place a garbage bag in between your shirt
 so the paint does not seep through.
 Tape off your shirt. I did smaller stripes at the top
and gradually made them bigger at the bottom.
Now figure out the colors you want to use.
 I used Yellow, Orange and Pink.
 Spray your shirt
Let dry for 4-6 hours
 Remove your tape
 tie the top of the ties
 then the second ones.
Now you have a strapless( No sew) shirt for summer.
I hope you have a wonderful Monday.
For more No sew Tee shirts ideas,
 check out My Blog
Lots of Love,

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