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Hand embroidered handkerchiefs

This is honestly just a fun little hand sewing project I did this past weekend for a Clorox sponsored Facebook video. Please note – this blog post is actually NOT sponsored. The only thing sponsored was the FB video :).

For the video, I wanted to show how to bleach hand embroidered items. I thought about what to do for Clorox for a while, and came up with hand embroidered items! With as much time as it takes to hand embroider something, it gets very difficult to clean said item as embroidery thread cannot be bleached…or so I thought.

After doing some research I uncovered some things. The reason machine embroidery thread holds up to bleach is because the thread is often polyester or pre-treated for color fastness. Hand embroidery thread is often made from cotton, and not always pre-treated. So you never really know if it will hold up to bleach – and it is hard to spot test a hand embroidered item as you will often ruin your project if you do. And its not like embroidery floss comes with a tag in the store that lists its pre-made qualities, so we are kind of left guessing. This leaves us with spot treating our hand embroidered items for stains, which is not ideal.

Now here is the *awesome* part. Guess what I went ahead and found?


An embroidery thread that holds up to bleaching, which is perfect for keeping those white dresses white! And keeping our handkerchiefs germ free :).

(Keep scrolling for free handkerchief embroidery patterns, and the bleach fast embroidery floss link.)


Hand embroidered handkerchiefs






I wish I could tell you that I sewed the handkerchiefs. But alas, this is one of many times that Amazon came to the rescue. A pack of 12 for $12 is sometimes just worth it. You can find the white handkerchiefs HERE on Amazon in case you happen to be looking. And that IS an affiliate link.

  • Right click on any free embroidery template image below and save to your computer. 

All the Mommas in the house raise their hand if they know what I mean about peeing and sneezing – LOLOLOL.

So if you love to hand embroider like we do, and happen to use linen handkerchiefs like we do, this post just might come in handy for the upcoming cold and flu season.


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