DIY Swim Suit Cover-Up from a T-Shirt

My daughter is on swim team. That being said, we have a lot of swim team T-shirts lying around. Enough that she could wear a new one each day. I decided to give one of them the swim suit cover-up treatment.
– Tulip Slick Paint
– T-shirt
– Tulip Dye
– Tulip Glitter
– Scissors
Follow the instructions on your package of dye for preparing your T-shirt.
I just wanted to dye the bottom half of my T-shirt. Once your dye has sat for several hours, rinse and dry.
The next thing I did was cut the bottom half of my shirt into strips. Once all the strips were cut I gently tugged on the strips to make the material curl. I also opted to cut the sleeves out to make the cover up a tank top. At this point it is perfect as is or you can go in and add dimensional polka dots like I did.
Glitter is always a good idea too. After the blue dots had dried I added the white dots and while the paint was still wet I sprinkled them with silver Tulip Glitter. Shake off excess and allow to dry.
Now that is what I call team spirit!
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