Antique Kitchen Tools for Spring

Antique Kitchen tools get a spring makeover! I was so excited to grab these antique kitchen tools this weekend, while we were shopping in Opelika, Al. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with them but I knew that I didn’t want to do anything with the patina of the paint or the aged wire so I came up with these simple decor ideas that I can change up seasonally!

Antique Kitchen tools makeover for spring

Hello everyone, welcome back to our monthly Thrift Store decor team challenge! Be sure to check out all the vintage, thrifted, antique ideas at the bottom of the post!

Thrift Store

kitchen utensils idea

Here’s what you’re going to need for this antique kitchen utensil idea:

  1. Kitchen tools (any with a handle will work)
  2. Birdhouse pick (this one is from Michael’s)
  3. Faux flowers (these are from Walmart)
  4. Wire (I used bead wire from my stash)
  5. Bird egg
  6. Nest
  7. Moss covered wire

birdhouse for potato masher


  • Wrap the moss covered wire around the handle of one of the potato mashers. Love this stuff, it’s so realistic looking. It came in a roll, from Hobby Lobby.
  • Remove the birdhouse from the wire.
  • My birdhouse fit snug between the wired area of the maser.

bird nest for antique utensil

Directions for the bird nest

  • Form a round nest-like design with the wired moss covered wire.
  • Add moss
  • Place an egg in your nest (I painted this one from Dollar Tree)
  • Use hot glue to secure

tin measuring cup vase

Fill the tin measuring cup with flowers of your choice, even real ones! I found these in the floral department at Walmart. They have a really good selection!

spring idea for utensils

Add a bow, I love adding bows to everything!

vintage kitchen utensils

Twist your wire around the handle. For the other end roll a tight circle so you can hold your recipe cards. You could even us it to hold photos!

spring kitchen decor antique utensils

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