2-in-1 Picnic Blanket Game Board

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The only thing better than playing board games, in my opinion, is playing them al fresco (even if you find yourself caught in a passing rain shower!). Grab an old flat sheet or a plain table cloth and draw a checker/chess board, a tic-tac-toe grid, a Chinese checkers star, or a backgammon board. When it’s time to picnic (hello, Fourth of July), grab the sandwiches and the game pieces and hit the park with your new blanket (PS: it works on the grass or on the picnic table). Game on!



-Tulip Fabric Markers in a variety of colors and tips

-plain tablecloth or flat bedsheet


-checkers and/or chess pieces
-iron (optional)

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Make it:

Fold the blanket in half and in half again. Make a small dot at the folded corner to mark the center of the blanket. Unfold the blanket, and measure and mark a 14″ square around the center point. Optional: Use a warm iron to press out any creases.
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Mark a 12″ square centered inside the first square (this will create an approximately 1″ border). Measure and mark and 8 x 8 grid inside the 12″ square — lines should be 1 1/2″ apart.Step2 generation-t.com
Starting in the lower left corner, mark and color in every other block black (or some other nontraditional color that will represent black on the board).
Step3 generation-t.com

Be aware that the marker ink may bleed a little. Always test the ink first on the underside of your fabric, and in the corner.
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Leave the remaining blocks blank for a traditional chessboard, color them the traditional red for a checkerboard, or change it up and go neon!
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Decorate the 1″ border in any way you choose!
Step6 generation-t.com
I went geometric.
Step8 generation-t.com

Pack a picnic, pack your game pieces…(do not be discouraged if it starts to rain right when you lay it out!)
Picnic Blanket Game Board generation-t.com
…and PLAY! (the rain was just a passing shower anyway…)
Checkers Play crop text generation-t.com

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